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That first step (and no looking down)

To paraphrase Denzel Washington (in Spike Lee’s Mo’ Better Blues) paraphrasing Bacharach and David: what the world needs now…is not another blog.  Or does it?

With almost 180 million active websites out there there’s a lot to look at.  Like others I have a handful of go-to websites for news, music reviews, etc. But, at the end of the day, even with sites like pitchfork and goodreads, I prefer personal recommendations in terms of music, books, films.  This extends to blogs from people who are passionate about music, literature.  I think I’m one of these people and enjoy sharing my passions with others.

So that’s essentially what this blog is all about; sharing my passions with others and hoping that they, you, enjoy what I have to say.  So what can you expect to read about here?  Well, music will be the main thing.  I’m especially into jazz (and play piano in a couple of bands in London) so you can expect to read about that. But it won’t be exclusively about jazz.  I’ll write about gigs, books, movies and lots of other stuff besides.

I hope that you’ll keep me company on my blogging journey and ‘cross that bridge’ with me.


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