Songs from the Vault

Time for another edition of Songs from the Vault (the last one being May!). No theme, just great tunes.

First up is I Feel Love by Donna Summer and, as important, produced by Giorgio Moroder and Peter Belotte. Recorded in 1976 and released in ’77, it topped the charts in numerous countries including the UK. I went to an Unkle gig earlier this year and the band played along to the tune. Experiencing this classic through a massive sound system was one of my highlights of 2019

You can trace a line from I Feel Love to the next selection, the 1996 techno classic Wisdom to the Wise (Red 2) by Dave Clarke (remixed by Robert Hood). Like IFL Wisdom is pretty sparse but featuring a murderous kick drum. The ‘bring the lights down’ sample, which half makes the tune, is from the Intro to Guru’s Jazzmatazz Volume 2.

One of the bands that I appreciate more and more as I get older is Yo La Tengo. Their ninth studio album And Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out (2000) is a particular favourite (how can you not like an album with a name like that!). Our Way to Fall, the album’s second track, is a quiet, unassuming sort of tune, and beautifully rendered.

I have a soft spot for a-ha, and an even softer spot for Stay on these Roads, the title track off their 1988 album, which I play more than is probably healthy. The band released an MTV unplugged album in 2017 featuring the track, which is as enjoyable as the original.

I’ve tried to include some jazz tunes in SFTV given that it’s the music I listen to mostly. I spent the last week on a jazz course playing with and learning from some of the country’s top musicians. One of the tunes I learnt was John Coltrane’s masterpiece Naima, named after his wife, and which featured on Coltrane’s classic Giant Steps album (1959). Belying its beauty, Naima looks pretty horrendous in terms of its chord progression but I’m pleased to report that I didn’t murder it entirely while performing it!

That’s it for this edition of SFTV, I hope you’ve enjoyed these selections.