Gig review – Beach House, 17 October 2018

This gig was a double first for me.  The first time I’d been to Troxy and the first time I’d seen Beach House.  Troxy is a Grade II listed building in London’s east end.  Opening in 1933 the building originally saw use as a cinema, the largest cinema in England at the time.  Its reincarnation as a venue for live music happened in 2006 and to this day Troxy continues to exhibit its Art Deco charm.  Holding over 3,000 people, Beach House packed out the venue for two nights running.

Beach House is a dream pop duo consisting of vocalist / keyboardist Victoria Legrand and guitarist Alex Scally.  Formed in 2004 in Baltimore the duo have released seven albums, and were in town (with a drummer added to the line-up) to promote their latest, 7.

As you’d expect the set consisted mainly of tunes from 7.  While 7 has some great tunes – Dark Spring, Lemon Glow, Woo – there were to my mind a number of average tunes on the album.  Hearing them live however mostly shifted my opinion and I found that the live setting added up to the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.  The band also played some of their back catalogue including Myth from 2012’s Bloom album, a favourite it seemed of most of the audience including me.

Here’s a short clip of the band in action:


Beach House are certainly a band worth seeing live.  Their dreamy soundscape seemed to wash over the venue and everyone in it.  My only regret was that the sound generally remained the same throughout the gig.  Victoria Legrand has a great voice and it would have been wonderful to hear her sing without her voice being embedded within a dense wave of sound, though that’s a minor quibble.  I’d recommend anyone catching the band so look out for them when they’re next in town, maybe promoting 8!