Songs from the Vault

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Songs from the Vault post and what better way to start it than with a tribute to the late Sir Roger Moore.  To be precise, the sample is from a Sean Connery movie – Diamonds are Forever.  Nevertheless, the tune smacks of Bond, James Bond.

I first heard this tune on Beats by Dope Demand 3, a trip-hop compilation released in 1996.  Regrettably it’s no longer available on CD or electronically – another good reason for this post!  The film buffs amongst us will have noticed that the band’s name, Grantby, is the name of the villain in the 1965 classic, The Ipcress File starring Michael Caine.

While we’re all on subject of great samples and tunes that are no longer available, I present Fader Gladiator’s Battle of the Planets.

I first heard this during an episode of the cult series Spaced.  Like Timber, it features on a Beats by Dope Demand album (No.4), which perhaps explains why it’s no longer available: the curse of Beats by Dope Demand!

From trip-hop to an artist who emerged during the mid-90s and collaborated with a number of trip-hop/electronic artists  – Beth Orton.

The tune was originally released in 1965 by The Ronettes, signed to Phil Spector’s record label and himself one of the composers behind this wonderful song.

To return to sampling, DJ Shadow produced one of the finest albums of the 1990s with Endtroducing, which almost entirely consisted of samples.  High Noon, while not on Endtroducing, is similarly built on samples.

The Northern Irish band Therapy? did a cover version a couple of year’s later, in 1998, which frankly wasn’t much cop.

I finish on yet another track that I can find neither on CD or electronically – Ballad of the Fallen Angels.  This is perhaps to be expected as it features in the climax of the 1998 anime series, Cowboy Bebop.  Still, the scene is well worth watching.