Jazz isn’t dead, it just smells funny

Some of you may be aware that I play jazz and classical piano, well, try and play.  Over the last few years I’ve played in a handful of combos around London.  One of the bands I’m proud to play with is the Hoxton Jazztet: we rehearse in Hoxton, play jazz, and there’s some history associated with the word ‘jazztet’.  We’re not wedded to the name but it works for now.

Anyway, I’ve been playing with the band for almost two years.  Late last year we thought we’d grasp the nettle and record some tracks with a view to getting some gigs.  Just when we were on the verge of our first gig I had an unfortunate fall, fracturing my wrist amongst other things and putting that first gig on hold.  It won’t be long until our first outing but in the meantime I thought I’d share the recordings with you.  The four tracks are meant to give you a flavour of the music we like to play.  The tracks aren’t perfect but hopefully not too smelly (the title is a Frank Zappa quote BTW)! They represent a good afternoon’s work and we’re generally pleased with them.  For what it’s worth, my favourite moment is the outro to Maiden Voyage, where, just after the five minute, I take it upon myself to play some random chords which came out rather nice!

If anyone likes what they hear, want to book the band or know of any good venues to place (preferably around North and East London) then please contact me through this blog.  Thanks.