Happy New Year! More songs from the vault

You may have been wondering where I’ve got to, not having blogged since the end of December.  Well, I had an accident and spent some time in hospital.  I’m recovering well and up to blogging again.  Before jumping back in, thank you to all those who checked out the blog in the barren January period – over 1,000 of you!  It’s good to know there’s enough stuff up on the blog to keep you busy.

I’ve got many more things to keep you reading.  However, I’m going to ease myself into things and start the year off with some great tunes.  Rather than the random approach of previous posts, this installment of Songs from the Vault has a theme: the movies.  Simply, great songs from great films; some of them original music composed specifically for the film, others featured in the film because they’re great tunes.  Off we go…

First up is the main theme to Get Carter by Roy Budd.  Get Carter is a classic British gangster movie – one of the best, featuring Michael Caine in arguably his finest role.  The wonderful bass part is by the late Jeff Clyne, with whom I’ve had the privilege of playing, having attended a jazz course on which he was teaching.  What a legacy.

One of the highlights of Be Kind Rewind (2008), in which we see Jack Black and Mos Def recreate classic movies such as Ghostbusters and Robocop, is Billy Preston’s 1974 tune Nothing from Nothing.  Despite it sounding from an entirely different era, you can see why it reached number 1 in the States.

Lost in Translation was one of the great films of the noughties.  Still, most films that feature Bill Murray have that in common.  Director Sofia Coppola has a tendency to pick great music for her films and LiT is no different.  Any film that has My Bloody Valentine’s Sometimes will have something going for it.  However, the track featured here is Squarepusher’s Tommib.  It’s a short slice of ambient music which fits perfectly with the scene.  And do check out MBV’s Sometimes if you’ve never heard it!

From the quietness of Tommib to the dramaticism of Yumeji’s Theme by Shigeru Umebayashi.  This originally featured in a 1991 movie titled Yumeji.  I know it from Wong Kar-wai’s 2000 movie In the Mood for Love.  I’ve heard this tune in all sorts of places so it may sound familiar to you. If not, even better.

Last up is New Dawn Fades by Moby.  This tune is featured in one of my favourite films, Heat.  Michael Mann’s 1995 classic has an equally cool soundtrack.  This particular tune leads up to a classic movie moment: the first time Robert De Niro and Al Pacino shared the screen (having previously appeared in the same movie, e.g. Godfather II).  It’s not the greatest tune ever but the drama of the scene creates something greater than its individual parts.

I really enjoyed this movie themed edition of Songs from the Vault and will be sure to do more of them.  If you liked it, let me know.